Saltglaze Stoneware Bull Tavern Tankard

A fascinating later example of an English tavern tankard with applied plaque of a bull. The bull tavern is a common name from the 17th and 18th centuries and several still exist today. This mug has no marks on the side or base but could be a London/ Doulton made example from the early to mid 19th century. The image on the plaque is that of a chained bull and cocked hat and a dated example from Lambeth is known for 1724.  Interesting to note that two earlier examples was found on the site where Doultons factory existed in Lambeth so it is plausible that a commemorative piece was made, ( see enclosed reference from Browne Muggs by Robin Hildyard).Height 5 inches, width 3.5 inches. Several old repairs are on the rim and base. A few chips still exist on the rim. No cracks or breaks.


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