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Black Glass Decanter

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Normandy Glass Cider Decanter


Green Glass Pyramid Inkwell


Flint Glass Handled Octagonal Decanter Bottle 1730


Miniature Crocus Vaseline Glass Vase


Antique Blue Glass Crocus Vase


Blown Glass Bird Feeder


Amberina Glass Hyacinth Vases


Cut Glass Blue Inkwell


Square Shaped Blue Glass Inkwell


Diamond Shaped Blue Glass Inkwell


Blue Glass Ball Inkwell


Pyramid Blue Glass Inkwell


Cranberry Glass Inkwell


Georgian Glass Sugar Bowl


Blue White Swirl Witch Ball


Orange Satin Glass Fairy Lamp


Pair of Chimney Fairy Lamps


Pink Satin Glass Fairy Lamp


Yellow Quilted Fairy Lamp


Blue Two Piece Fairy Lamp


Clamshell Fairy Lamp


Quilted Blue Dome Fairy Lamp


Blue Crown Fairy Lamp


Cobalt Blue Glass Vase

£85 & £75

Two White Quilted Witch Balls


Gold & White Quilted Witch Ball


Mercury Glass Challis Goblet


Orange Satin Glass Miniature Oil Lamp

£225 pair

Pair of Cranberry Vaseline Hyacinth Vases


Nailsea Blown Glass Creamer


Roman Aubergine Glass Vase


Nailsea Glass Top Hat Whimsy


Thomas Webb Cameo Miniature Oil Lamp


Black Glass Nailsea Pontil Blown Bowl


Vaseline Glass Witch Ball


Pink End of Day Small Witch Ball


Vaseline Looped Quilted Glass Hyacinth Vases


Vaseline Glass Hyacinth Vases Pink Rim


Unusual cranberry red glass bulb vase


Pair of cranberry red glass bulb vases


Cranberry Glass Bulb Vase.


Purple Squat Hyacinth Vase


Quilted Cobalt Blue Glass Bulb Vase


Turquoise Blue Green Hyacinth Bulb Vase