Earl of Litchfield Glass Wine Bottle Ditchley Oxfordshire

This bottle must qualify as the most amusing sealed bottle known to exist and is totally unique! Made for George Henry Lee ( 1690/1742) the 2nd Earl of Litchfield who resided at Ditchley Park Oxfordshire. No other sealed bottles carry such a seal and possibly made so guests would not walk away with his cherished bottles??!! Originally sold in 1998 and leaving these shores for the AC Hubbard collection until very recently. Height 9 inches, width 5 inches. The seal has a Earls coronet impressed with Earle of Litchfeild Stole if Sold. Litchfield is incorrectly spelt! Minor nibbles to string rim & underwire neck chips and the seal has been under struck so the coronet is not totally clear but has no chipping. C1740 A broken complete seal only exists in the Museum of Oxford but this is the only complete example known.


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