Antique Sealed Shaft & Globe Wine Bottle Lion C1655/66

Exceptional long neck sealed shaft and globe with rampant lion holding a staff. The bottle was dug many years ago from a cess pit in Northern Holland so must have travelled via a ship possibly from a London port since a few similar seals have been dug from sites located in London and now reside in the Museum of London. The surface of the bottle was preserved when it came out of the ground by the original finder and has some kind of fixer or lacquer to stop flaking no doubt. If required this could be removed although it may strip the patina away.   Two blobs of glass exist on the surface and have been there from manufacture. Apart from a 1 inch chip on the string rim this bottle is in remarkable condition with no other issues. The seal is well struck and the body is almost ” ball shaped” denoting a date between the years 1655 to 1666. Height 9 inches, width 5.5 inches.** Provenance Willy Van den Bossche Collection*** Please see detached seals found in London on page 1355 of Antique Sealed Bottles by David Burton***

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