Country House Patent Grinder Follows Bate Manchester

Don’t you just love those Victorians! I thought I had seen most Kitchenalia over my 40 years of buying and selling and then this turns up. A grinder for dinner use as the transfer says on one side which probably means it was used to masticate portions of meat for use as tartare or sausages ? No doubt it could be used to crush most things including vegetables judging from the heavy gauge blades. The use of pottery must have been a short term thing as I have never seen another one and enamel and steel ones probably ended its use later towards the end of the 19th century. Follows & Bate began in 1868 making primarily horticultural implements but by the 1880,s were involved in all kitchen appliances dating this to the period. The original table clamp still survives and is included. Length 7 inches, height 5 inches. C1880


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