Exceptional Museum Quality Dairy Supply Company Cabinet Refrigerator

What an incredible piece of marketing history!

Known from the Dairy Supply Company sales catalogue as a Show Refrigerator this remarkable large cabinet was originally used to house butter and dairy products that needed to be kept cool. Inside the lid at the top of the cabinet is a basket which held the ice and on the base is a 1 inch thick piece of marble. Surrounded on three sides is 10 Dairy related Minton tiles. Original glass plaque for the company still intact. Height 37 inches, width 23 inches, length 29 inches. It also comes with its original wooden stand to add more height if required. Enclosed in the listing is an original scan of the 1912 catalogue with description and cost, £7.5 shillings! Today it can be used to display your collection as it has a toughened glass central shelf. **Due to its size and weight it cannot be shipped** English C1912


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