Exceptional Aquamarine Glass Onion Bottle

Rarely seen aquamarine blue onion bottle in a very small size. The string rim is wonderfully irregular adding to this handblown bottle. There is lots of impurities, air bubbles and rippling to the glass also adding to this bottles eye appeal! The colour is produced by adding plant wood ash to the mix of sand etc and is known as Wald Glass or forest glass. Although this bottle has a tubular pontil I am under the impression it was blown in the north east of the UK by immigrant glassblowers as the shape and form is more reminiscent of an English onion bottle and not a more uniform Dutch onion which is also known in this colour. Also a well known sealed and dated bottle exists of Robert Comberbach 1725 which has almost exact characteristics. This bottle is very small and measures a hair over 4.5 inches tall. No damage, chips or cracks! C1720/25 **I have had a few of these bottles over my 40 year tenure as a dealer and this is by far the most unique of them all and in perfect condition**


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